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Serving Colorado since 2000

Colorado shower and tile repair is located in Parker, CO. It is a branch of the Colorado Handyman ® services in Parker, Colorado that also serves Castle Rock, south Denver and Douglas County CO.

Be assured that Colorado Shower and Tile Repair is a small company that respects your people, pets and property.

We maintain a reputation as being honest, reliable, hard-working craftsman.

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A little information about us


Over the years I have developed little niches. I have done a lot of Tile installation and repair. I have repaired a numerous number of showers. Most are in need of professional caulk replacement, tile repair and grout repair. We repair anything from loose tiles in a shower to complete wall backer replacement. Showers are not the limit though, we can replace or repair grout for whatever tiles you have in your house.

For plumbing issues in showers we have a master plumber at hand (depending upon his availability)

What we are and what we are NOT

We are NOT A FRANCHISE that hires questionable people to do the work for us. I do the work myself. I am a craftsman, with many years of experience, and do very high quality work. I am fair with my pricing. I only do one project at a time. I am reliable and show up for work every working day. The results and satisfaction that you will gain from Colorado shower and tile repair will be the best that you can find.......anywhere.